Coming to Yap

Yap is an hour, by air, west of Guam and we arrived at 9:30PM. Once there, we deplaned, walked across the tarmac and stood in line outdoors until it was our turn to see the one customs agent who deals with foreigners. It was raining, and of course, they provided umbrellas as they were good hosts, but does it rain all the time on these tropical islands?

This is almost the entire airport. There is only one gate in and out of the terminal. They bring your luggage on a pickup truck and then you get in line again to see the customs agent for inspecting your bags. We didn't bring any coolers, so we got through fairly quick.

Once we got the passport stamped, a native couple in traditional dress welcomed us with leis. Larry is being officially welcomed.

Bryon also got lei-d by the lovely, young islander. He seems pretty happy about it even though it's past his bed time.

Now that Larry and Don have been lei-d, they are ready to go.