Yap - The Island of Stone Money

Yap is a very small island in Micronesia. It was discovered by a Portuguese explorer Diego DeRocha in 1526. In 1869, Germans established a permanent trading station and tried to get the Yapese to mass produce copra, dried coconut meat used to extract coconut oil; however, they were not very successful getting the natives to do this. In 1919, at the Treaty of Versailles, Japan was guaranteed control over all Pacific islands north of the Equator, including Yap.

For scuba divers, Yap also holds the special attraction of manta rays. Our visit coincided with the manta ray mating season and we were looking forward to 3 days of diving and the possibility of seeing one.

The Yap pages are color coded with yellow and gold for the island and our interaction with the locals. The blue pages are underwater activities.

Yap Islands

Yap Proper