The Last Leg of Our Journey

We left Palau at 2:35 AM, an on time departure, and landed in Guam at 5:30 AM. From there we had to go through customs so we could board another plane that would take us to Hawaii, we only had an hour and a half and we were pushing it. However, we all made it and we were on our way to Hawaii, where some of us would continue on to the mainland, but the rest would stay to visit the Cultural Center at BYU and the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial and U.S.S. Missouri. We arrived around 5:30 PM the previous day. No, that is not a typo; we crossed the International Dateline again, so we were still confused about the dates and times.

The Hawaii pages are color coded with pink and brick for the island and cultural center activities. The khaki and olive green pages are our WWII touring activities.

Well, no matter what you see on TV, we were not greeted by a native couple with a welcome lei. It was disappointing since we were greeted on all the other islands with leis.

We finally found enough vans to haul ten or eleven people, plus all of our bags of dirty clothes and dive equipment to the hotel. The Resort Quest Waikiki Beach Hotel wasn't all that special; it was one step above the dive hotels, but it would be our resting place for the next two and a half days.

Okay, the hotel was nothing special, but we had a spectacular view from our balcony.

The beach looks great. We have to check it out. What we didn't realize was that it was only 74 degrees outside with a very stiff breeze. We had just returned from 2 weeks of 94-100 degree temperatures and 100% humidity; we were freezing even though everyone else was wearing swimsuits and sunbathing.