Guam - Lunch and Moving on

There were a lot more plaques and sign posts, but for the sake of brevity and instead of you trying to discern the words; they have been part of the narrative.

After tromping around in the rain and listening to Joe tell us about the WWII sites for four hours, we decided it was time for lunch and tourist-trap shopping. It was a great rest and the food was a little more than interesting.

Jeff's Pirate Cove
Jeff's Pirates Cove, home of Spam and pickled squid. They gave us tons of food, two scoops of rice, some ribs, chicken, and of course Spam and pickled squid. I thought the squid was noodles and took a big ol' mouthful. What a surprise!
All of us and Joe having lunch.
As you can see, they got all of us and Joe at a couple of picnic benches. What we didn't know is they painted the benches earlier in the day and some of us left with a blue streak where ever we had rubbed up against it.
What we had for lunch.
As you can see, I am finished (the paper towel in the plate next to Bryon); however, the orange stuff in Nancy's plate is the rice and the pale white is the pickled squid - everybody's favorite.
Napping to while away the time
After we left Jeff's, we had time on our hands before our 9:30PM flight to Yap. Some of us wandered around to the shopping centers near the hotel, others napped. It was another long day, but it was good, except for the blue on lots of folks' clothing.