Guam - Agat Beach Unit and Ga'an Point

It's still raining off and on, but we are on a mission -- we will see it all. Next we visit Ga'an Point in Agat and it was part of the southern landing site of the US forces in the liberation of Guam.

Guam, USA, and Japanese Flags
The flags of the United States, Japan and Guam fly at Ga'an Point in memory of all who died during the conflict here; however there are a lot of American Veterans who are really upset by this.
Agat Beach
This is Agat Beach at Ga'an Point; this area was strategically chosen in order to secure an area to the north that was important because of the airfield. The plan was to overtake Ga'an Point, where the entire beach front at Agat could be used to offload supplies and equipment that were critical for the inland advance.
Japanese Concrete Blockhouse
The Japanese knew this so they had extensive defenses consisting of numerous pillboxes built in coral outcroppings, and concrete blockhouses that held a 75mm and 37mm gun to fire upon the beaches. The concrete blockhouse isn't exactly noticeable is it?
Closeup of Japanese Concrete Blockhouse
This is a close-up of a concrete blockhouse. It faces the beach on two sides and is well hidden in the flora and fauna. This allowed the Japanese to fire at invading forces without being seen.