Guam - Asan Bay Overlook Unit

This area has a view that shows how the Japanese forces dug in with defensive positions placed on top and both sides of Asan and Adelup Point, and how the US forces came from the beach to secure them. It also has several bronze, wall sculptures which depict the events on Guam during the Japanese occupation in 1941-1944.

Bronze wall sculpture
The wall sculptures throughout the park were created by Eugene Daub and his father was a soldier in World War II. Renée is searching this bas relief for the engraving on the bottom right corner that states "This one‘s for you, dad.".
Raining At Asan
It had been drizzling, a little bit, but at Asan, it drizzled a lot. So out came the umbrellas and I couldn't resist taking Nancy's picture.
Asan Bay
It is a little difficult to see with the rain, but the American forces had to come into this bay with the Japanese firing at them and make it up this hill. It's incredible that anyone made it much less took it.
Wall of Names at Asan Overlook
This Memorial Wall has 16,142 names that are US Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, and the People of Guam who died or who suffered personal injury, forced labor, forced march, or internment as a result of the Occupation of Guam.