Guam - Plaza de España

The Plaza de España is in central Hagatña and was the Governors Palace during the Spanish occupation. Originally, the palace was called Casa Gobierno and the compound was named Plaza de Magalhaes. Most of the palace was destroyed during the shelling of Hagatña while retaking Guam in WWII. After the war it was renamed Plaza de España and was used for concerts and other public events.

Plaza De España
This is the three-arch gate to Almacen - the arsenal.
Back Porch of the palace
The only part of the main palace building that survived WWII is the back porch.
Chocolate House
The two dogs belong to persons participating in an exercise class on the palace's back porch. Bill and Don cannot resist petting them. The guys are in front of the Chocolate House or the Summer House. It served as a social meeting place within the Plaza garden.
Coat of Arms
This one of two Spanish coat of arms found in the debris of the palace. They were installed in the walls of the Chocolate House during its restoration. The walls are constructed from the traditional coral stone and mortar materials called "manposteria", and it provides strength able to withstand earthquakes.