Why there are no cultural scenes.
Christopher Columbus landed on these islands while in search of the trade route to India. Unfortunately the sailors carried diseases that decimated the natives. The islands remained uninhabited until after the American Revolution. The British sympathizers left America and brought their slaves to grow cotton. They grew the best cotton in the world for 3 years, then the soil gave out. So, the British citizens went back to England, leaving their slaves to fend for themselves. Now the islands serve as a refuge for the Haitians fleeing their country's wars.
Condo Construction
There is construction everywhere. There is a law that no building may be more than 4 stories. Notice this building has 7 stories. The Prime Minister of the islands has the Penthouse. So, rules are made to be broken?
Interior of Jimmy's Dive Bar
Since there is really nothing to see for the ancients, let's go where the current natives hang out. This is the interior of Jimmy's Dive Bar.
Guiness Labels
Being a Great Britain territory, Guiness is readily available. It doesn't take long for it to get to the appropriate temperature.
Bill in the stocks.
Bill is the only one who got thrown into the stocks while we were here, but we promptly let him out.