Our last night
Only a few dove the next day, and it's no wonder. Most of us hung out on the beach and tried to recover. However, it is a tradition to have one last dinner all together before for we go back to the reality of work, cold weather, chores, etc.
Terry, Nancy, Bill, and Diane
Terry, Nancy, Bill, and Diane. Diane seems to be checking someone's camera.
Exotic Dessert
Someone always orders an exotic dessert. It seems it was Lyn's turn this time.
Digital cameras, godsend?
Digital cameras are a wonderful thing, or are they? After dinner, Bill and Diane treated us to ice cream, then we went back to pack. Tomorrow we head home.
Playa was mostly sunny and 85 degrees while were there, but at home we had experienced an ice storm the day before our arrival. Maybe we should have stayed a little longer.