Tulum - Mayan Ruins - Cont.
We saw another one of these fellas. I could have taken 2GB of pictures of these guys. They really were everywhere.
On two of the fortress' corners are a pair towers that served as temples, called El Torreón. They have three doors and an altar along the back wall where offerings were probably deposited.
The House of the Well
I am standing in front of La Casa del Cenote or The House of the Well. As the name implies, the structure was built over a cave containing water (a cenote). The building is rectangular with a room on each side and a tomb in the middle.
The Castle
El Castillo (The Castle). This was biggest building and it was seen earlier next to the Temple of the Descending God. It obviously was the most important. The structure has two small rooms in its upper part where the principal religious ceremonies were held.