We made a new friend.
Bill and Diane, the leaders of our little group, has a friend who is from Kansas City, but lives in Playa 40 weeks out of the year. He had a little party at his house.
Meet Roger
This is Roger, our host. He is preparing snacks and listening to a guest at the same time.
Roger's View
Roger lives in the tallest condo in Playa, 5 stories. This is his view. You can see Cozumel and the ferry that travels back and forth.
Nancy, Merri, and Diane
Nancy, Merri, and Diane. Even though Nancy isn't smiling, I have it on good authority she was having a good time.
Scott, Charlie, and Merri
Scott, Charlie, and Merri. Scott was a member of the Dolphin team; however, there doesn't seem to be any pictures of him under water.