Belize 2006 - Continued

Special snack time.
The party has begun.

Leave no bottle un-tipped.
Our dive masters.
The local brew, front side.
The local brew, back side.

Day 5!! It it almost over.

Diving is the best, but we need to see a little more.
No stinking can goods here.  It's all fresh.

Let's hope the fish do not come from here.

Shopping is not my bag, so let's just wander around.
Everybody loves fire trucks.

No horsing around here.  Hit those books or else.

Of course the church is next door.
Our lawyer, dive buddy could not resist looking at the docket.

Just in case you did not finish 8th grade, you can go here.

This guy was crazy
I need this bumper sticker for my jeep.

Propaganda or advertisement?

It is 9:30 AM, that is enough shopping.
More one stop shopping.

I wonder if I could get another Bloomies T-shirt here?

The drum maker's hut.  In the center there is teeny, weeny living quarters.
Canoes from hollowed logs.

I wanted this, but could not figure out how to get it home.

Bird doo everywhere.